Routesetting Game

Punksetter routesetting game contains several topics to play.
Commercial setting (character, movement, grip, #moves, grade,) and an extension for the Competition setting  (RIC-scale, category, rounds, sex).


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Punksetter Game
Is the game that all climbing gym must to have, in which you will find multiple possibilities of combinations to create boulders, is a fun and playful way to learn the passion of routesetting Exploit your qualities as a routesetter and accept the challenges that punksetter can give you.

– Understand and learn the movements of boulder.
– Learn to create boulders with differents combinations.
– Teaching the art of setting boulders like a game.
– To create exclusives boulders eather in a circuit or in a competition.
– Create boulder in the moment without previous information of what you are going to design.
– Improving teamwork.

Additional Information

100 playing cards
Dimensions : 9x6cm
Developed by Marco Jubes
€5 donated to Climbing Against Cancer

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Routesetting Game