The world famous Beta Stick is a dual function device that comes in handy in both sport climbing and bouldering.

To help you get started on sport routes this extendable pole has a specially designed head that will allow you to clip a carabiner into the first or second bolt. Alternatively you can clip a toothbrush into a slot in the head such that you can easily brush down those grimy out-of-reach holds.

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The Technical is a new addition to the range, and works in a slightly different way. Whilst all the other Beta Sticks extend in telescopic fashion, the Technical fits together much like a modern tent pole. This allows a pole with a maximum extension of 10ft to fit into an average sized rucksack.

Additional Information

Maximum length : 2.85m
Lengte packed: 54cm
Weight : 646g
Made in Sheffield, U.K.

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