PearLock Screwgate

With an updated modern design blended seamlessly with a hot-forged utilitarian shape, the PearLock features a large rope-bearing surface, making it ultra-smooth for belaying, using a munter hitch, or as the brake carabiner with an ATC Guide. The classic screwlock sleeve rounds the PearLock out (pun intended) to make this carabiner an ultra-versatile workhorse.

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Large rope-bearing surface for smooth operation and added longevity.
Hot-Forged for lighter-weight construction.
Sleeve locks on biner's gate (not nose) and won't bind up when loaded.
Screwgate sleeve.
Type H or HMS connector. For dynamic belaying using a Munter Hitch or belay device.

Additional Information

Weight: 76 g
Closed Gate Strength: 23 kN
Open Gate Strengt: 8 kN
Minor Axis Strength: 8 kN
Gate Opening: 22 mm

Made in Taiwan.

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PearLock Screwgate

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