Dual Connect Vario

Completely adjustable double lanyard and anchor system for climbing and mountaineering.

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DUAL CONNECT VARIO is an adjustable double lanyard designed for multi-pitch climbing, mountaineering and canyoning. It is versatile and may be used for tethering oneself, or for installing a rappel system or an equalized belay station. The adjustable arm allows the length to be adapted to the requirements of a rappel or an equalized belay station. Because of its ergonomic form, the ADJUST rope adjuster offers quick and easy one-handed adjustment.

Adapts to climbing, mountaineering and canyoning uses:
- may be used as a double lanyard to tether oneself, to install a rappel system or to move along a traverse line
- may be used to install an equalized belay station, which can be re-adjusted once installed
Completely adjustable double lanyard:
- allows optimal positioning at the anchor, to facilitate maneuvers
- length of fixed arm can be adjusted to the climber's needs
- the ADJUST rope adjuster’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to manipulate, for quick and precise adjustment of the adjustable arm
- dynamic rope lanyard, to reduce the force transmitted to the user in the event of a short fall (1)
Easy to use:
- connectors are held in position by a rubber ring, to facilitate clipping
- one-handed adjustment
- used with two Sm'D-type locking carabiners (e.g., SCREW-LOCK on the fixed arm and TWIST-LOCK on the adjustable arm).
(1) For use below the anchor point: positioning lanyards do not have an energy absorber. These lanyards must only be used when the potential fall factor is less than 1.

Additional Information

Length: 180 cm
Weight: 180 g
Certification(s): CE, UIAA 109
Material(s): nylon, aluminum, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

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Dual Connect Vario

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