Lightweight rope bag with shoulder straps and integrated tarp

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The BOLSA rope bag is designed for climbing: worn on the back, it allows the user to move around quickly with his gear. Unfolded, the 1.4 m square tarp creates a place for the rope, while protecting it from dirt, leaves, gravel... After climbing, the rope is easily stacked and stored.

Lightweight rope bag for comfortably carrying a rope of up to 80 meters, plus climbing gear

Practical and easy to use:
- protective tarp is integrated into the bag, providing a clean area of 140 x 140 cm and a place to easily store the rope
- handles on four corners of the tarp for storing the rope in the bag
- two different colored loops to identify the ends and keep the rope from tangling
- zipper for opening and closing

Easy adjustment: adjustable shoulder straps for greater comfort when moving around

Additional Information

Weight: 625 g
Material(s): polyester fabric and straps, aluminum buckles
Made in China

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