ropebag Monkey

The extension of your backpack during the approach march.

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The MONKEY bag innovates in the world of the rope bag.
Indeed, it facilitates the movements and approach of climbers.
It can be attached to almost all backpacks, with the "monkey" mod and avoids the superposition of straps.
Its ventral ensures a better support, and gives a feeling of lightness to your rope bag. We almost forget it!
Finally, its large tarpaulin increases its comfort of use at the bottom of the routes.
If one day you have no approach walk to do, and therefore no backpack, the MONKEY Ⓓ can also be worn over the shoulder with its detachable belt.
Fold, roll, tie, and you're done!

Additional Information

 -Maximum length of rope: 80 m
- Markings of the ends of the rope with color code
- Integrated tarpaulin
- Mesh pocket + zip pocket
- Easy grip handles
- Clip opening
- Double entry carabiners for hanging on the backpack
- Option 2: Removable belt for shoulder carrying

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ropebag Monkey