Large rope tarp.

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TARP is a large rope tarp. It provides a 140 x 140 cm clean area to protect ropes from dust and dirt. It features four handles to make transport easier and color-coding for quick rope end identification. Its coated canvas construction makes it highly durable.
Very large rope tarp: - provides a 140 x 140 cm clean area for ropes - protects rope from dust and dirt - also great for long ropes - quick stowing, without the need to coil the rope
Easy to use:
- four handles for easier transport
- color-coded for easy rope end identification
- orange borders provide quick visual identification
Durable and versatile:
- abrasion-resistant coated canvas
- can be placed higher up to provide protection from the sun or rain

Additional Information

Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm
Weight: 280 g
Material(s): polyester

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