Adam Ondra

The Adam Ondra Book contains unpublished pictures from the life of Adam Ondra and shows the life of the Czech climber in an authentic way. The pictures are from the photographers Bernardo Gimenez and Lukas Biba. The images are accompanied by Adam Ondra's texts, which show his passion, motivation and willpower.

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“The book you are holding in your hands is about still pictures. The adjective ‘still’ is very important to me. In my opinion, still pictures are underrated nowadays. We are used to seeing breathtaking pictures on social media all the time, but we rarely take time to really enjoy them. Still pictures, unlike video, have the advantage of taking one single moment of existence and making it eternal. We can take advantage of enjoying this one single moment for as long as we want. It is a great memory, as well as a great way to reflect. I was honoured to be photographed by two incredibly talented photographers, Bernardo and Lukas. And I think this book is a perfect way to display their talent. Sit still and enjoy the stills.” – Adam Ondra

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233 pages
Color pictures
1st edition, 2019

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Adam Ondra