From the deep : the Petzl Adventure

A novel about a company and its environment.

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Though rarely in the spotlight, climbing equipment represents more than a simple accessory for mountaineers. The evolution of such carefully designed gear bears witness to the intelligence climbers use to overcome increasingly challenging terrain, and embodies their ethical choices. The tools climbers use clearly reflect their approach to the mountains. For forty years, Petzl and its founders have played a major role in the history of the mountains. With the golden age of caving as the starting point of its legacy - in which Fernand Petzl played a pioneering role - the manufacturer has explored the different realms of the vertical world: rock, ice, snow, nighttime... The company has also successfully applied its expertise to rescue and to work-at-height. To read about the Petzl adventure is to follow women and men committed to the vertical world, and to exploration. In constant interaction with an ever-evolving world, they invent new modes of progression.

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Authors: Sophie Cuenot and Hervé Bodeau

Preface by Lynn Hill

272 pages


Editions Guérin - Chamonix Mont-Blanc

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From the deep : the Petzl Adventure