Chrome Domes - Pack of 4

Aluminium footholds specifically for board climbing. CNC machined out of solid aerospace grade aluminium.

Beastmaker has developed these footholds with board training in mind. Anything from 20 degree to 60 degree boards. 

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The shape is designed to force you to put pressure through your feet. They have a fairly large surface area but the texture and sloping nature of them means you have to maintain a solid core and keep weighting the foot throughout the move in order for them to work. The large surface area and lack of a sharp edge also means that you can climb in them in comfy shoes rather than wearing out your very best shoes while training. 

We spent a while playing around with different textures and we think we have nailed it with these. The waffle pattern allows you to exert force in any direction, and provides a decent amount of grip, however it isn't overly grippy so you still need to work to keep your feet on. And it is very forgiving on your shoes - you won't be tearing chunks out of your expensive climbing shoes on any rough parts or sharp edges. 

Being aluminium they are very hard wearing. They will never wear out! And an advantage of their shiny metallic finish is that you can easily spot them while climbing. It's obvious which footholds you're allowed as they're shiny metal! 

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Sold in a pack of 4.
Screws included.

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Chrome Domes - Pack of 4