Fixed hangboard

Everything about this fingerboard is based on simplicity, efficiency, and versatility and that for an affordable price!

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The main features on this hangboard are that al the holds are positioned so you will always hang with your hands at shoulder width, this way you avoid weird positioning of your elbows and wrist what can lead to injuries.
We left al the unnecessary holds away that you don’t need. Why pay any extra money for a hangboard that has 2 and 3 finger pockets, as you can hang just as easy with 2 or 3 fingers on the normal 4 finger edges?
We added an extra insert in the middle of the board so you can add any hold you like on there, this way you can for example train on slopers or add a bigger hold for that one-handed hangs.

Additional Information

The hangboard is Made of Magnolia wood. This is a European hardwood species which comes from a fast-growing tree, this makes it a sustainable board as well.
Dimensions: 615x100x38 mm
Edgesizes: 10,14,18 and 22 mm

Made in The Netherlands.

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Fixed hangboard

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