Il Domani Mobile Hangboard

The Il Domani is a portable 4-in-one hangboard that was designed to enable you to WARM UP and TRAIN in a more holistic manner.

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Many world-renowned climbers use the Il Domani and take it with them wherever they go. Climbers and alpinists that were once unable to train regularly are now able to do so with this lightweight, portable device. Take it to your local crag, boulder field, park, or campsite and prepare your fingers for your projects without shredding your skin on so many warm-up laps.

The Il Domani has three different holds that can be used in a number of ways,  and a durable 6mm rope.

The device comes with its own bag, allowing you to keep it protected while carrying it in your backpack or suitcase.

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Weight : 0.95 kg

Details : The Il Domani is composed of four different holds: a good sloper, a considerably large jug, a 2,5 cm deep, 14º positive rung, and a 3,0 cm deep, 34º positive rung.

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Il Domani Mobile Hangboard

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