Mobile Hangboard UL (Ultra Light)

Ultra Light Mobile Fingerboard to train where every you like or to warmup at the crag. Designed and made by Stephan van den Berg.

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Whether you want to have a training session at home or want to warm up at the crag for your project, This hangboard does it all.
Due to its handy suspension system, one side of the board always hangs neatly upright. And one side tilted forward so that it becomes more difficult to hang on the edges.
This gives you the possibility to hang on 10 different edges. In addition, you have two middle holes (30 and 20mm) which provides two nice edges for (assisted) one arm pullups, lock-offs, and negatives.
The top part of the board provides a nice jug for your initial warmup, or just for dead simple pullups.

Additional Information

Because Stephan wants you to have a long lasting product, he hooks you up with a durable 4mm beal cord for the suspension system.
Dimensions : 400x58x58mm
Edge sizes : 10,14,18 and 22mm + 20 and 30mm in the center
Weight : around 425g

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Mobile Hangboard UL (Ultra Light)

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