The Spinchboard is the ultimate fingerboard for your personal home climbing gym. It perfectly matches the Max Climbing philosophy of multifunctional, innovative and safe training.

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The one-bolt mounting allows you to spin the board between different modes, enabling you to train shoulder, compression or just finger strength on various slopers, pockets and pinchers. Depending on the training scope or your strength level you can for instance:

Use the board in easy mode for some power endurance training or warming up
Use the board in hard mode to increase finger strength and get a real challenge
Place the holds wide apart to train your shoulders
Spin the holds to 45° to challenge your shoulder and compression muscles.
Spin the holds to 90° to challenge those fore arms and pinch them

Additional Information

Set includes:
Left and right Spinchboard hold
2 x M10 bolts , 2 x T-nuts.

Weight : 2.1kg
Dimensions : 38 x 14 x 4cm

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