Zlagboard Evo

The Zlagboard.Evo is the next evolution of hangboard training: the newest product in the Zlagboard series comes with a compact, light design. At the same time, it offers versatile training possibilities on crimps, slopers, small pockets and jugs. Developed together with Zlagboards pro climbers and coaches, the Evo features the latest ergonomically shaped holds - to maximize training development.

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The legendary Zlagboard Contest Edges enable the athlete to compare their finger power to thousands of climbers on the world ranking.
This board is suitable for individual training; however, it has also been specifically developed for teams. The corresponding app is the perfect assistant for planning team workouts and keeping track of the athletes’ performance. 
With its bright colour, the Zlagboard.Evo is a beautiful piece of furniture for a climber’s home and training place.

Additional Information

Dimensions : 70,5 x 15 x 5,5cm
Weight : 5,5kg
Free Zlagboard App : Unlock code / Android / iOS

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Zlagboard Evo