Zlagboard Mini

The Zlagboard Mini comes with the same device mechanism and app functionality as its big brother, the Zlagboard Pro. The grip shape and trainingplans by Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb have been designed especially for the needs of beginners, intermediate and slightly advanced climbers. The standard Zlagboard Contest crimps allow the comparison and competition with climbers from all over the world. It is the ideal hangboard for those who want to track and register their performance, to reach a higher fitness level and climb better.

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Training schedules by Gimme Kraft!

Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb have written the ultimate training guide book Gimme Kraft! They agreed to share their know-how and developed a full set of training plans for the Zlagboard.Pro and .Mini.

„With the Gimme Kraft! training schedules you get a highly approved and up-to-date tool for raising your climbing performance, based on scientifically-tested methods. The Zlagboard, as the matching training device, can be used universally and at any place you like. This makes you extremely independent. The contents of our schedules focus on two important aspects of your climbing strength: the finger and the locking strength. Both strength capacities are being trained in terms of maximum force as well as endurance.

We have divided our plans in 3 differnt levels: beginners, advanced and elite. If you are not sure, you can look up a training unit of the third or fourth week. Then ask yourself whether you would be able to absolve it after a bouldering sessions. If yes, have a go on the higher level. If not, choose this very level or a lower one.“

Additional Information

Hold Sizes : Jugs, Slopers(20/32º), Crimps (20-45mm)
Material : Alder wood board on steel frame
Size : 70,5x18x8cm
Weight : 3,5kg
App : Free Download Code (5 Users)

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Zlagboard Mini