Zlagboard Vario

The Zlagboard Vario facilitates a broad variety of training scenarios. The board allows versatile hangboard setups, like offered by climbing itself. You can adapt the grip setup to your own weaknesses or customize the holds to the requirements of your current project, in order to train more specifically. You can even mount the most common hangboards like the Beastmaker or the Moon Fingerboard onto the Vario, thus using the benefits of the automated training control and hangtime measurement.

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Custom Workouts
With the Zlagboard application, you can define custom training plans for the Zlagboard.Vario with Beastmaker and Moon Fingerboard, and soon many more setups will be available.

Additional Information

Hold Sizes : Suited for single climbing holds and many different kinds of hangboards

Material : Alder wood board on steel frame

Size : 70,5x25x5cm

Weight : 7 kg

App : Free Download Code (5 Users)

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Zlagboard Vario

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