Rollyballs S

Another pioneering product from LapisTM are RollyballsTM. The spherical shape of the product increases forearm and grip strength, as well as endurance. They can be used to perform various exercises, ranging from pull-ups, lockouts, chin-ups, dead hangs and, of course, regardless of the exercise performed, to improve core body strength. We recommend using a carabineer of a chain for fixation. The best training effect will be achieved in combination with the RollybarTM.

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The diameter of the ball is 8 cm. Warning: There is a chance that you will see a thin line in the middle of the ball. This line can in some cases become a small edge. In case that this presents a problem for you please do not order the product, since we are not willing to refund or replace the product due to this cause.

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Rollyballs S