Switchblade Edges

Set of 6 Edges in 3 Sizes of 6,8 and 10mm. The edges have 2 diferent sides, one standard radius and one sloping side.

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This set of edges comes in three sizes, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.
You get 2 sides on each hold, one is your standard hold with a comfortable radius. The other side has a sloped edge which is really skin friendly, what makes it a bit harder hold but perfect for those training sessions with a sore skin.
These edges work great together with our modular system, this way you can flip them around in just seconds and use both sides without having to screw them on and of your wall.
The holds are made of solid European beech wood which make them extreme durable and strong.
These crimps are a great tool to get some steel fingers, but please make sure you are ready for these small edges. And be always sure you are warmed up properly, to do so we recommend you to use fingerboards. Work your way from the bigger holds to the smallest ones.

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Switchblade Edges

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